Magic Drone Hyper-Lapse in the Swiss Alps!

Some magic moving clouds and fog in the winter mountains taken on 26 drone flights and filmed in photo RAW!

A video that was shot in central Switzerland, close to a city called Schwyz.

Oliver Schmid shared with us the following details on his video, which was polished in LRTimelapse:

Instead of a DSLR I was using the Mavic 2 Pro with it’s build in “Mini”-Hasselblad camera for this video. It allows me to shoot photo RAW using an interval of 2 seconds on a special “hyperlapse” modes. DJI calls it “hyperlapse”. I am not sure about this, but I think it’s correct as the camera moves during the shooting over a much longer distance than on a dolly. The editing was done as usual, first LRtimelapse + Adobe Lightroom and after that WarpStabilizer in After Effects or Premiere Pro. I was really surprised about the quality of the small camera. The batterie holds the drone in the air for about 15 – 20 minutes on temperature around 0 degree. It’s possible to do about 300 photos with an interval of 2 seconds on a single flight.


If you want to know more about Oliver Schmid, don’t forget to check the following out:

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