Amazing timelapse welcomes you to the heart of Asia

Two danish timelapse photographers proudly welcome you to Taiwan through this beautifully captured timelapse film, shot on Canon gear and polished using LRTimelapse.

Jonas Høholt shared with us the following details on his video:

“A Taste of Taiwan II” is a collaboration between two Danish timelapse photographers Henrik Matzen and Jonas Høholt (mentioned as FIRSTLAPSE) and the film is made with love and passion throughout 1 year of work.
Henrik have travelled back and forth several times between Denmark and Taiwan to shoot, and the shooting finally reached it’s peak in April 2019 when Jonas went to Taiwan for the first time together with Henrik for 10 days to shoot the final scenes together.
During these 10 days, the final shots for the film was shot, including all of the beautiful hyper-lapses that are present throughout the film.
The team decided to make some hyperlapses very unique with a surreal feel to them by putting in a known local Taiwanese model in a traditional dress, Elvy Tang (facebook.com/tangmingling)
The model shots were done in the beautiful and yet busy, Ximending Walking District in Ximending, Taipei, and also in the Lin An Tai area nearby.
Sit back, turn up the custom made music by the Finnish talent Joona Lätti – and get ready to watch a Taiwan travel video in a way you have probably never experienced it before


If you want to know more about Jonas Høholt, don’t forget to check the following out:

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