Hong Kong, where East and West live in harmony


Well done, Enrique: now he is a true Master, and many would like to produce video like this, we are convinced. Today’s a fantastic portrait of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most important international financial centers of the world, characterized by a large capitalist economy and low taxation. But it is also and above all a place where East and West, ancient history and modern culture coexist in perfect symbiosis .

A symbiosis masterfully portrayed by Enrique.


Shooting in time-lapse done with his Sony A99, panning with the slider Kietacam XliderCAM (reviewed here).

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Equipment Used

Cameras: Sony A99
Lenses: Carl Zeiss 16Hong Kong, where East and West live in harmony-35mm f/2.8, Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G
Slider/Dolly: Kietacam XliderCAM M
Other info: n.d.


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