Explore the scenic diversity of Sacramento, California

Explore the scenic diversity of Sacramento, California through this stirring hyper-lapse video by Justin Majeczky.

Over 20,000 individual photographs and 18 months of hard work went into creating this timelapse journey: enjoy it!

Two years ago my wife and I relocated to Sacramento, California so she could attend school. While here, I have learned to love the vast ethnic and scenic diversity of the area. California’s capital may not be best known for scenic beauty, but you may beg to differ after seeing this video! I personally love the quiet fields of agriculture that lay just outside the bustling city. Sacramento certainly has its own unmistakable flare and charm!

This is my exploration of different timelapse methods while using motion control gear provided by eMotimo (emotimo.com), Dynamic Perception (dynamicperception.com), and some homemade equipment.

Music: Colourmusic – “You For Leaving Me”

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