Exhilarating 27,000 Frame Time lapse Captured while Storm Chasing in the Great Plains

LIFT: The Storm is Coming showcases the magnificent beauty of nature, even at her worst.

Ron Risman shared with us the following details on his video, which was polished using LRTimelapse:

LIFT: The Storm is Coming showcases the magnificent beauty of nature, even at her worst. The rotation and movement of the sky, the inflow into these storms and the strong outflow – with wind gusts as high at 90 MPH, create an exhilarating chase and photographic experience.

The time lapse was captured in great plains, covering over 3000 miles through Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, and Kansas while storm chasing this past June. Close to 30,000 frames were captured, of which about 27,000 were used in this film.

Storm chasing for me isn’t really about seeing a tornado, it’s about being in areas and conditions where all the ingredients come together to create the environment for severe storms. One of the ingredients that helps to create these incredible cyclonic thunderstorms or tornado’s is LIFT.

These super storms can also make for some spectacular sun sets. When the low-angle sun peaks through the clouds as the storm starts to depart, the light it often produces is nothing short of spectacular. I have traveled over 9000 miles chasing storms over a 3 year period, and the light this year was the most incredible I have ever witnessed. I feel fortunate to be able to capture these storms and to share a glimpse into the beautiful, artistic side of mother nature.


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