A European trip: Timelapses and Hyperlapses through Germany, UK, Switzerland..

Some stunning hyper-lapse sequences on this trip through some of Western Europe’s most beautiful locations, shot with Sony A7s, Nikon D810 and Nikon D7000.

Our original idea was to stay in Switzerland for three nights, but our second night there was the night of the Paris attacks and France closed its borders. We decided to leave early and go through Germany, then Belgium. This meant that we didn’t have to drive through france, and we got to visit two more places on the way. So we shot a few more hyperlapses and timelapses of Zermatt in the morning, and drove to Frankfurt where we checked in to Willy Hotel. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great and we only managed to get one timelapse before it started raining too much.

Our last destination was Bruges. A beautiful city full of old architecture and canals, and it was perfect for hyperlapsing.

Fortunetely the drive to Calais was absolutely fine and we managed to get there on time.

It was a very cool trip and we’re really happy with the shots we got. We’re now hoping to sell some of them on a stock photography website to make back some of the money we spent… – Source

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Enjoy all the other time-lapse videos shot in Switzerland available in out time-lapse library!

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