Epic four seasons time-lapse made in Switzerland by day and night

Winter, spring, summer and fall, all four seasons in Switzerland united in one film made from 7,000 shots using LRTimelapse. After more than a year of work the third and so far most elaborate time-Lapse film made by Schlatter Christoph is out.

Schlatter shared with us the following details on his video:

I planned my recordings meticulously and even had to write a small script, because I had too many ideas, which I sorted out and later realized. The action didn’t always come as desired – no snow, no fog, covered instead of a starry sky. The result is a five-minute-long short film with the most beautiful shots I took.

It won’t be long before nature is no longer to be found like this. Steady climate change, environmental influences and mankind. All factors that lead to accelerated change. Today we move faster, want to discover more, want to enjoy lonely moments and push further and further into the untouched nature. Well-known places around the world are wildly shared, shared and commented on social platforms. In our search for something new we launch photo drones, make selfies in the most daring places. I am also part of this world. Therefore:”Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” based on the model of the oldest national parks in the world. And now enjoy my film!

5 minutes film
20-30kg luggage
26 scenes
800 GB data
7000 single images
Planning a few hours
Many hours of hiking in the nature
Countless hours in front of the computer


If you want to know more about Schlatter Christoph, don’t forget check the following out:

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