Emirates: where the impossibile becomes possible

Desert and skyscrapers, sea and dunes, ancient culture and modern engineering.

Marco Equitani shared with us the following details on his video, which was polished in LRTimelapse:

A brand new short timelapse made in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last Jannuary 2020. It was a quick stay so that means a short timelapse even because it’s not possibile to take picture everywhere in Dubai and also because weather was not nice with me with two days of sever weather and sand storm. It’s a place where engeneering has not limits, it’s an unusual place for me to make a timelapse, it’s the first time I made a cityscape timelapse, it was a great challenge that I’ll try again, but I have to admit that I like much more isolated places like Great Plains, Norway and Iceland. Enjoy the video!


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