Discover the Ústí region: a Gateway to Bohemia in time-lapse

A gorgeous taste of the beautiful scenery of Bohemia in this impressive time-lapse video with a bit of everything, polished using LRTimelapse.

44,000 photos shot, 21,000 used for 34 time-lapse sequences created on a Dynamic Perception slider.

ÚSTÍ region – Gate to Bohemia / Ústecký kraj – Brána do Cech is short timelapse movie about nature in north part of Czech Republic. Deep valleys, wooded hills, majestic rocks, rivers, mountains… Everything of that You can found in ÚSTÍ region!
This clip was made, except two sequences, in three months (from June to August 2015) for representation of whole region on world exhibition EXPO in Milano 2015 and also for region itself.

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