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Cilento is a sub-region of the mountainous Campania , which overlooks the sea, extending from the Gulf of Salerno to the Gulf of Policastro. Rich in natural beauty and places that have always fascinated artists and thinkers from around the world. Some of the Greek and Roman myths are set in these lands.

Today is a tourist destination of millions of tourists from Italy and around the world, attracted by the sea and the natural, artistic and historical beauties scattered throughout the region.

Declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, preserves and maintaining its beautiful beauty and charm, despite the continuing violence perpetrated by the ignorance of mankind.

The photographer from Cilento Luca Scudiero has created a beautiful video dedicated to his homeland, adopting a “craft” style that gives us the atmosphere that you breathe while walking in these places.

Take a walk in the Cilento too:

Equipment Used

Cameras: Pentax K5
Lenses: n.d.
Slider/Dolly: n.d.
Other info: n.d.


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