Brilliantly edited time-lapse of Midtown Aarhus (Denmark)

A very interesting style of timelapse and real time footage sped up from Denmark, edited to snappy sound effects gives a distinctly comedic effect. 

Over 40,000 pictures were captured during 250 hours among shooting and location scouting!

Soon music takes over and somehow consolidates the experience before the conclusion accompanied by one last sound effect.

Polished using LRTimelapse, created with Dynamic Perception Stage Zero.

Jonas Høholt says:

Midtown Aarhus is the second timelapse-video I’ve made of the beautiful city Aarhus in the central part of Denmark.

Jump on a tour through the city center of Aarhus and feel the atmosphere like you never had before.

Tech details:
~250 hours of shooting and location scouting.
~200 hours of story boarding, stabilizing, color grading and edit.
~40.000 RAW files captured during march – june 2015

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