Base jump the world’s tallest hotel pool in Singapore


The Marina Bay Sands is the most famous hotel in Singapore, as it is a hotel/casino never seen before: three towers topped by an enormous pool !

To date, the third casino in the world for extension after the Grand Lisboa in Macau and the Casino de Montreal. They offer 500 gaming tables, 1,600 slot machines, lotteries and squares high rise.

With the casino complete, the resort features a hotel, a convention center, a shopping center, a museum of art and science, two theaters, seven restaurants, two floating crystal pavilions and a skating rink.

The complex is topped by a platform suspended shaped ship called SkyPark (340 meters) where you are hanging gardens, swimming pools, whirlpool, fitness centers bars and restaurants, with a capacity of 3,900 people and the height of 150m there is a swimming pool overlooking (the world’s highest swimming pool). Source: Wikipedia

Marina Bay Sands Skypark BASE Jump. Singapore 2012 is the time-lapse video of today. A mixture of footage, slow-motion and time-lapse that allow you to relive the event held at new year 2012 where as many as 7 BASE Jumping professionals came together to celebrate the New Year in style.

What do you think? Isn’t that crazy?

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