Atmosphere, by Ulrich Schmitt

This timelapse shot by Ulrich Schmitt wants to show the fragility of our Atmosphere through timelapsing atmospheric events an put them into perspective.

Ulrich Schmitt shared with us the following details on his video:

Some time ago I learned that the thickness of the atmosphere of our planet can be compared to an apple and its skin. Since then I have always wanted to show how fragile the protective cover of our planet actually is. Timelapse is probably the best way to locate a process at height. So here is my attempt to broaden our perspective a little …

Our Atmosphere is indeed our only home, the air we breath and what nurish all living beeings on the land with fresh water. What ever follows after this hard times of the corona-lockdown (when i was working on this in my quarantine) has to follow the rules of nature which sience provide to us.


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