Alfred Hitchcock in time lapse!

La finestra sul cortile

This time we want to surprise you! The video that we offer you is truly unique! Probably never before has anyone made ​​such a thing …
You would have never imagined being able to make a time-lapse video from a film? Well, the video maker Jeff Desom has done it, using as raw material the famous movie “ Rear Window “, created in 1954 by Alfred Hitchcock! As you might guess from the first part of the video that briefly explains the technique used, it was a really painstaking work possible only thanks to the powerful tools provided by the program Adobe After Effect, as well as a good dose of patience and creativity.

Desom has basically gathered all the scenes from the famous window that also gives the film its title and has thus rebuilt at the entire set , then inserting in time lapse movements of the actors, moreover retaining the timeline of the movie!

In our view the video in time lapse far more original appeared on Time Lapse Network . Do you agree?

Equipment Used

Cameras: n.d.
Lenses: n.d.
Slider/Dolly: n.d.
Other info: Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop


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