Adventure in the Fjords’ Nature Time-Lapse, by Hussam Abu-Hanna

Travel through the mountains and remote roads of Norway in this 4K adventure beautifully time-lapsed and post-produced using LRTimelapse.

Was shot by one of my most amazing friends, Tawfiq Khamis, and me on a road trip over 20 days, back in summer 2014, travelling through amazing landscapes, hiking on mountains and exploring remote roads. Locations in this video where at Rognan, Trollveggen, Jotunheimen national park, Dalsnibba, Stryn, Øye, Geiranger, Lindesnes Lighthouse…

The video was post-processed and directed by Tawfiq. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and the most challenging one as well. We had our car that we rented, a tent and camping gear, it was the first camping road trip we have ever done. We had a lot to learn through what we experienced and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to experience this kind of adventure with the best company. More about our adventure I’ve written in a blog post which I’ll post soon.

I really hope you enjoy the video, would love to hear your feedback.

Soundtrack: “The Voice Of Freedom” by Kiss Audio

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