A trip through South America in 4k

Enjoy a trip to South America through Chile, Bolivia and Argentina in this 4K timelapse featuring epic landscapes, animals and much more.

Michael Barbieri shared with us the following details on his video, which was polished using LRTimelapse:

A timelapse describing the trip to South America that I did in September 2017. A 20-day trip that started from San Pedro of Atacama with the gays of the tatio, the valley of the moon, and the flamingos of the lagoon miscanti. I then continued to Bolivia where, through a 3-day trip on the Bolivia plateau to about 4000 msls, I was able to admire volcanoes, lagoons, flamingos, foxes, alpacas, vicugna, deserts and Martian landscapes. In these 3 days I was able to stay directly in the houses of the small communities of the plateau that make tourism, along with pastoralism, means of livelihood. Finally, with numerous internal flights, I moved to the land of fire. A wild land lashed by an indomitable wind, but which preserves jewels like the national park torres del paine (chile), the Perito Moreno glacier (argentina), the national park Pinguino Re and numerous natural wonders that maybe not even a lifetime is enough to admire them all .

This timelapse cost me a lot of effort, both because it was my first timelapse of travel, both because I had only 20 days to make the photos (about 16000). 20 days of travel, travel and very short time to shoot. To visit as many things as possible I had to respect the timing that certainly did not allow me to wait for each place the best conditions to photograph.

I hope however that this job you like it


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