17 sleepless nights and 200 hours work for a 3 minute video? Done!

One of the best shots in 2017 of the Milky Way over the Swiss mountains, shot on Canon cameras and polished with LRTimelapse by photographer Oliver Schmid.

Oliver shared with us the following details on his video:

I was working on this project between February until September 2017. I took every chance I could to catch the milkyway during that time. Even the weather was bad I tried and tried again until I got this 3 minute time lapse video. I always tried to get a connection between the landscape and the milkyway in my video.

I just started with time lapse photography in December 2016. I could learn a lot from Gunther Wegner and finaly also from the Time Laps tips of Marco Fama. Which luckily was released before this time lapse was Online. So I got the chance to improve my work before I published it.

I have some photos and more information on my website, but it is in German:

If you want to know more about Oliver Schmid, don’t forget check the following out:


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