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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could focus only on your time-lapse subject and stop wasting time to calculate the sequence duration, memory card usage, shooting interval etc?

If you’ve got this far it’s because you’ve already started reading our step-by-step guide “How to create a time-lapse video“, and you’re about to set your intervalometer.

If you’re not quite sure on what a time-lapse video is, you should know that Time Lapse Network provides dozens of free tutorials which will help you learning how to create your first time-lapse video! Just make sure to start with our Beginner’s Guide to time-lapse photography.

This online free tool will help you in this step of the workflow.

Free Online Time-Lapse Calculator, by PhotoPills

As you might already know, depending upon the subject that you want to shoot you will need to use different times and intervals. There is no golden rule to apply, but only suggestions dictated by common sense and experience that you may have carried out in the field.

If you’re interested in this topic, we’ve already prepared an indicative table of exposure times and intervals for time-lapse for you!

We found out that PhotoPills‘ authors have created and shared an amazing free tool to calculate these parameters with ease! Just try the below calculator now.


It’s always a nice idea to keep a time-lapse calculator in your pocket when it comes to shooting video sequences, and this free tool by PhotoPills is a game changer. 🙂

Have you experimented with using this calculator? We would love to hear about your results in the comments below.


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