Time Lapse Shooting and Processing, 2014 Ed.


A quick look at the brand new Time Lapse Shooting and Processing 2014 Ed., an E-Book written by the Master of time lapse Gunther Wegner, who’s also the developer of the great LRTimelapse software.

Before proceeding, let’s see what you can achieve in terms of results, with the help of this E-Book (and our free time lapse tutorials too, obviously!).

This video, African Skies, it’s signed Gunther Wegner:

Who’s this E-Book for?

With the 2014 edition, Gunther is back in the world of the E-books dedicated to those people who are looking for a “all in one” portable solution to read, learn and Master the time lapse technique.

Beginning with choosing the correct equipment and the proper camera setup, this E-Book guides the reader through the whole time lapse workflow, step by step: from shooting, editing single frames, making transitions between individually edited images, and deflickering with LRTimelapse until rendering out the final video.

This Ebook is suited for the beginner, as well as the advanced user.

Starting with the basic and more advanced shooting techniques, it heads to the powerful editing techniques, teaching you how to really get the great results.

Moreover, the book provides you also with a summary of the most important workflows, check-lists, and cheat sheets to print out and take with you when you are shooting.

The E-Book, in a nutshell

From the shooting to the final film, the complete time lapse workflow is covered:

  • Preparation and choice of scene
  • Camera settings
  • Prevention and removal of flicker
  • Tips for choosing intervals and frame rates
  • “The Holy Grail”: day-to-night time lapse
  • Professional key frame editing with LRTimelapse 3

About the Author

Aside being the developer of LRTimelapse, Gunther is an enthusiastic time lapse photographer who has become fairly skilled in this area during the past few years.

He sells Ultra HD (4K) time lapse footages to international broadcast companies, which are used for example to showcase 4K-Televisions or demonstrate other emerging technologies. All those videos are completely made with the techniques described in this ebook.

Purchase this E-Book

If you are interested, you can get this precious E-Book for only € 10.

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