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Writing for the Time Lapse Network can bring benefits to you and your site. Share your knowledge with us, and get rewarded!

Why should you guest blog on Time Lapse Network?

There could be a very long list, but you should focus on the following pros:

  • At the bottom of each post with a featured ‘bio’, you’ll get 2 useful dofollow backlinks to your portfolio/corporate website, choosing yourself the keywords/keyphrases you want to SEO-push.
  • In the author ‘bio’ space, you will surely be able to include a bit of information about you, your website, as well as links to your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles (with Google Authorship)
  • You can drive a high amount of traffic to your blog, and capture our readers too.
    The more engaging the content you are able to write, the more chances to gain traffic towards your site
  • You’ll get maximum exposure to your posts, as we will share your article with our 7000+ Facebook fans, Twitter and Google+.

Editorial Guidelines on Time Lapse Network

Well, first of all thank you!
If you decided to write a guest post for Time Lapse Network with the aim of promoting yourself and your website, the following lines will help you understanding how to do it correctly:


We are discussing the time-lapse technique on this site, and everything related to it – hardware, software, sliders and generic tools for time-lapse.

We do invite authors to write articles which can be helpful for our readers, such as free guides, how-to articles, product tests and reviews, but also time-lapse video reviews.

Please keep in mind that although the quality of your content should be very high, some topics could have been already discussed. For this reason, we kindly suggest you to contact us in advance so that we can evaluate the topic effectiveness and suitability together.

We are not accepting in any way:

  • guest posts which contain only self-promotional contents, or affiliation links
  • articles created with the intent of gaining back-links at no expense.

If you want to advertise on these pages, please visit the dedicated page “Advertise on Time Lapse Network” or contact us.

Posts length

The perfect article length is the one you believe is necessary to “send the message” to the end-users. You are invited to create contents which can be effective, not just long.

Please consider 800/1000 words as the average guest post length.


Using bullet points and headings can improve your overall article readability dramatically, helping your readers to easily navigate through the different sub-topics you are writing about.


You are allowed to propose one or more featured images which you believe can be effective, and able to give extra meaning to your words. Please provide us with a 1110px wide JPG file, or simply state the URL to pick it from.

If you feel like your article needs more images, we are happy with that too! Please remember to keep their dimensions and format as suggested (1110px wide JPG).

All images you send or upload on TLN have to be copyright-free or distributed under the Creative Commons commercial license, unless you own all the rights to use them.

If you cannot find a nice image to associate with your post, don’t worry about that: we will take care of it, and find something great for your post!


All published articles can be slightly edited to avoid possible typos or mistakes. Obviously, Time Lapse Network will not change the overall content meaning.  Should we consider a revision, we will get back to you and find a solution to the matter in the shortest possible time.

Our aim is to make the most out of your guest post writing experience. By publishing your contents on these pages, you will gain visibility because we will make sure that your post gets the widest audience possible.

Please note that by writing on this website, you accept the fact that Time Lapse Network has the right to add automated affiliate links to some words / text strings of your contents.

Exclusive and Original contents wanted

As you can imagine, there are several reasons not to publish the same article anywhere else. We love to do everything possible so that our website follows the SEO Best Practice, and this is why we ask guest authors not to post the same contents on websites other than Time Lapse Network.

Please keep in mind that copying 3rd party content is not allowed without authors’ authorisation.

Time Lapse Network will do everything within its capability so that only fresh and original content is published on our site, although we consider the guest-author only responsible for anything that is published under his name.

Guest authors explicitly accept the conditions listed in this page.

License and Notes

By publishing your contents on TimeLapseNetwork.com, you accept the fact that those posts are published under the Creative Commons 3.0 CC BY-NC-ND, and you give Time Lapse Network the right to use any part of your articles for free E-Books, obviously being quoted as the author of that portion of text/content.

Please also note that there is no explicit guarantee that the Time Lapse Network website will stay online forever: its owner has the right to sell, shutdown or simply stop maintaining the whole property (timelapsenetwork.com). However, we will do everything possible to leave your credits and bios at the end of each article, even in the event of website sale.

By writing on Time Lapse Network you accept all these conditions. Should you need an exception, we are open to discuss it without any problem.


Every guest post gets credited though “The Author” box at the end of each article. We aim to give you and your website visibility in terms of back-links, so we will suggest the best author description for you.

So, if you feel inspired and have great content, Contact Us and become a Time Lapse Network guest writer!

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