Which Bulb Ramper for time-lapse should I buy?

Taylor Shain

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Hey everyone!

I am looking for a bulb ramper, do any of you have any recommendations? It seems like the Promote bramper is probably one of the best available.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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Shared on TLN Facebook.

Some input from there:

"All the good ones are around the same price, I think.... I've been using the promote Control for a long time with great results"


"Ramperpro from Elysia Visuals is awesome :)"



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Actually the question is: are you really going to do a lot of holy grail shoot to justify the expense ?

In my little experience with these device they are all complicated to setup and get it right. Elysia visual Ramper Pro is probably the most advanced one but not user friendly and the interface is messy (cables all over the place, external battery).
There's also the qDSLR Dashboard app for $8

Now I personally shot all my holy grail manually and adjust everything in post with LRTimelapse 4. I would rather invest my money in this software that you'll need anyway even if you got a ramping device.

Last, if you really want to buy one, I would wait a little bit since the VIEW is coming. Apparently it will be a game changer in the industry. We should know soon.

Here are some of my sequences, manual ramping over 7-9 stops and adjustment in post with LRT4:



Hi Taylor,

Most people think that going from day to night is the "holy grail" but in my opinion this is easy to do today using a DSLR and LRTimelapse. If you want to be able to go from day all the way through to the Milky Way then a ramping device like the RamperPro, Promote Control, or the VIEW (Coming soon) is very beneficial.

My two favorites are the Ramper Pro and the new VIEW intervalometer (I have used the pre-production version on a few occasions). The Ramper Pro has just added some automation to make using it a lot easier to use than it was, and in some ways it should perform as well as the VIEW intervalometer - at least for exposure ramping. The upcoming VIEW intervalometer is the simplest of all of them and will only require one USB connection cable.

Here are just a few of its features:

Real-Time Preview of your Timelapse (a first) , Focus Ramping, Interval Ramping. Gesture control and large side knob for ease of use with gloves, integrated Wi-Fi for remote access to your camera and timelapse settings, the ability to set up and control Dynamic Perception NMX motion controller wirelessly, built-in 16 hour battery, and more.

The VIEW probably won't hit the market until early July (for Kickstarter backers) and until it hits the market its a bit unfair to compare it to those products already on the market - since you can't purchase it right now, but in my testing with the Canon 6D and 5DMKIII I believe it will become the standard for which any new product will be judged.

Ron Risman


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Hi. Yes I still have it. I can ship to France no problem. I sent you a message
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