What to do with TL images after final creation...STORE or DELETE?

Laurel Strohmeyer

Hi everyone, I've been shooting timelapse for about one year. I have been reluctant to throw away my original images after the film is complete, however, with a 47.5 MP camera the images take up massive amounts of space. I load raw full size images directly from the sd card into LRT, and follow the normal process of the back and forth with lightroom. For the final output I render in either 4 or 8K. Just wondering what most folks do with the original images? Do you store all of them or toss them. I find it difficult to toss, but at the same time I find myself purchasing so many external drives and moving files from my working and very fast G-Speed Drives over to a slower external drive for archive. This too is a lengthy process. I 'd love to hear what you are doing and any advice you might have. Thanks!


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hey Laurel

To be honest what I did so far is simple: convert them to DNG to compress the huge RAWs and then get rid of the originals.

but it truly depends on what you'll do out of them in the future :)

Chris B

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I do keep them. Had some situation with stock sites when some dude tried to sell my work as his and I had to prove it with original pictures. Just for that reason I keep them.

Laurel Strohmeyer

oooh, didn't consider that! Thank you Chris! I have decided to keep the best stuff and off load the rest onto some inexpensive hard drive and save the G-Tech drives as my working drives. I appreciate your input. Thanks again and happy shooting!

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