What is the best lens for milky way time lapse?

Niels Tholen

Hi Aaron,

Been checking out your Youtube channel, some pretty awesome timelapse you'd shoot. The Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 takes a big bite out my bank account. But yes, it is a great lens!

Thanks for your reply!

Aaron Priest

Active time-lapser
Yeah, you could almost buy the Roki 14mm, 24mm, and Sigma 35mm for the same price! Hah!

My newer work is on Vimeo. I still have a lot of editing to do from this spring and summer. Heck, I still haven't edited everything I shot last fall yet. LOL! I can never keep up...

Uli Fehr

New time-lapser
The author of this "list" - in fact there are only a few lenses mentioned - says "This score is a mathematical calculation based purely on some simple physics. It doesn’t account for other considerations like the lens’s build quality or optical aberrations" so you shouldn't select a lens based on this list.

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