What equipment should I use for timelapsing a construction site?


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Hello TLN,

I need to TL a construction site over 20 days. The biggest problem is I will not be able to visit the site daily. And now I have a question mark infront of me. I don't trust anybody else to do it for me there.
Please suggest a way where I can shoot it with minimum human involvement.
This is really important for me and I am sure all you super creative people will definitely have a way out.
Thanks for the help in advance.

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All my timelapse work is in the construction industry here in Melbourne Australia, and there is a thousand ways you can answer your problem.. It depends on so many things, money, time, availability, location of site, internet availability, distance from a reliable power source and the list goes on. To cut a long answer down to money and ease of setup and depending on security and if there are any poles on the worksite. The simplest way to capture the work done and the cheapest would be a Gopro with appropriate connectors to a pole high enough to keep it away from machinery and opportunistic thieves, because lets face it, if the thief wants it they will get it no matter what you do. I would also suggest to add the extra battery pack and at least a 16Gb SD card. You would then splice this footage into the other footage as 'B' roll not to be used too much just to cover the time that you cannot make it to the work site.. For a beginner this is probably the easiest and cheapest way to hit the ground running. Of course there are other ways like setting up cameras on a local or wireless network, or a long term DSLR in secure casing with solar recharging but they require much more money, experience and time to source it. Hope this helps.. if your getting into the market and have the money there are big kits you can purchase from companies like www.photosentinel.com. I have no clue what you have over there but its a starting point.


I work in the building it myself and I already try this kind of time-lapse on a much shorter time cons.
indeed a gopro emplement enough for this kind of project
so that the camera remains in charge, I use a timer plug I connected to the mains, I make sure that it supports gopro an hour on two (if the camera is left in charge of non-stop, and it will heat could not walk) the concern that brings that kind of connection, is that we have to get out the camera it waterproof shell. except that you make a small hole in the hull at the place where is the connection, and you hand me over a piece of inner tube rubber made with a slight notch above to just let the past usb cable
I advice you against by rather a 64, 16 it seems right to me. that way you will not have to come every day output data

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There is a relatively low priced timelapse camera available from the security company Abus.


Last year I bought one and I've had great success using it indoors, plus the battery lasts for up to eight months! And it's waterproof. I do my editing in iMovie which is also simple and fun to use once you grasp the basics.

My first timelapse attempt is in my signature and I used the Abus camera.
Personally I think the Abus is the camera for you.


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Thanks for the plug for photoSentinel :) if we're in your price range, obviously I think you should go with us :)

If you're looking for a cheaper solution, as well as the GoPro option mentioned already, you can check out Brinno cameras. I've not used one yet (about to test some) but they're pretty popular. They have some restrictions like only outputting a video and not individual photos, but they seem to get used a lot.


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