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New time-lapser
I am very new to time lapsing. 5 years ago I invented a sprouter - a device that allows everybody to grow theyr own garden at home. With all the lack of advertising I barely make a living from it.
At some point I decided to shoot a demo video of things growing into my machine, thus showing people what it exactly do. I used my old Cannon 350D camera with external power supply and intervalometer like this.
So here's what I got at the end

I know, it is far from perfect, but most important, shooting time lapse with my old DSLR camera will soon destroy it. And I can't afford anything new...

Luckily a friend of mine gave me his Camcorder Canon HF11. Although a very modern camera it does not come with built-in time lapse option.

Do you have any suggestion how I can use it to make successful time lapse of various plants growing into the sprouter?

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