Using an iPhone 7 Plus for Timelapse in 4K HDR in Paris

First day with my new Precious. Been to the Eiffel Tower to test the iPhone 7 Plus with ProCam 4 In 4K and HDR ! Why not ? Maybe because I'm sick since 3 days ;).
My first impression is good, need to do that a lot more to be sure.
As usual, my Genie Mini is doing the motion control, thanks Syrp.



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Not sure if that is flickering that I see, did you use LRTimelapse by any chance?

That said, it seems promising.. I would change the POV and get a 1' timelapse with several sequences actually, and.. not sure you can slow down the shutter speed on iPhone 7+ right?
No I don't use TRT I don't do any post production, ProCam is rendering a 30 fps vidéo as soon as I hit the record button.
You are right It would have been nicer to have several points of view but to shot that test I have decided to film for 2 hours to see the evolution and the management of the light.
Sadly for the moment on iOS we don't have the control of the shutter speed, it would be cool to have it.
I'm practicing a basic version of what you guys are doing :)
Thanks for the advices.
Yes I am :). I've got a small YouTube channel and I will post new stuff every other week. I'm planning to do something about Brutalist Buildings, there is a lot in France. I love filming clouds so I always hope to take that wonderful storm ...
I have start 2 years ago and I'm hooked now.

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