Ultra Wide lens for workshop timelapse with Canon 1100D

Hogan Joinery

New time-lapser
Hello All,

As a piece of self promotion I'm looking to timelapse my carpentry work in my workshop environment. To do this I'm keen on fixing my canon 1100D camera to the ceiling, which is 3 meters high. And I;m hoping to capture as much floor space as possible with a specific lens. At first I intend to rent a lens to try out, but I'm unsure which one to try out first.

Can anyone point me in the direction of an appropriate lens or lenses which would suit my needs?
At present I've no intention of capturing outdoor timelapses, as it's purely for workshop use, and I'm not keen on a fish-eye lens because of the distortions.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know how big your workshop is, but if the ceiling is 3m high and you put it in a corner, my guess is that a 10-20mm wide angle lens might already cover most of it. It would definitely be a good start to rent something like that and try it out.

On the other hand, if you want to create an engaging timelapse film of your work, I would not only want to shoot the entire workplace, but also more close up (a shot of you working at a table to really see what you're doing, and how your work is taking shape).

Uli Fehr

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Not what you asked for, but use a Gopro. Easy setup, wide angle, no shutter sounds during the workshop and easy external power supply for long duration. Image quality is perhaps a critical point but with hero 4 black it should not.

Hogan Joinery

New time-lapser
Thanks for that.
Yes I've already tried from a top corner of the workshop on my budget Abus camera which turned out ok. And my intension this time is to set up two timelapses running in tandem, with the Abus pointing close at me and the Canon from the ceiling. And I suppose I'll never know what an Ultra wide lens will cover indoors unless I try one out. Cheers anyway.
Also Zoeperkoe, I see you live in Leiden. Many years ago I lived in the centre of Leiden, Vrouwensteeg, above a pub called Pijpenla. Every weekend lots of Harleys parked outside my front door. I absolutely loved Leiden and was sorry to leave the place as it kinda reminded me of Dundee.

Cheers for that also but at present my funds only stretch to two timelapse cameras just now, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for future.
Thank you.


Active time-lapser
Sure, no problem. A 10-20mm lens is definitely great to have, also for regular photography (if you're into that). Definitely share with us any of the results. I think a carpentry TL could be quite interesting, especially if you also combine it with some regular footage.

BTW, if you love Leiden, have a look at my Vimeo page (see my sig), there should be some interesting stuff for you ;)

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