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  1. Thomas Langley

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    Hey guys!

    Off the back of our epic LapseLondon event last year, we're kicking off this year with 5 exciting events to form LapseWorld!

    "This October we are going to be holding lapse events in five of the most dynamic cities in the world to create the largest ever globally crowdsourced timelapse film. Hold on to your hats because we are bringing lapse events to London, New York, San Francisco, Cape Town, and Milan! LapseLondon will be held on Sunday 11 October 2015, with the other lapse events running throughout October. Sign up below for more information.

    Each event will give you the chance to take part in a day of photography filled fun will all the timelapse tips you'll need for photographers of all skill levels. At LapseLondon we'll have top photographers Chad Gordon Higgins and Kevin Meredith joining us on the day, filling you in with all the timelapse tips and tricks that they have devised over their careers. "

    If you guys are interested in any of the events, please head over to and fill in our sign up form! We'd love to see some of you guys there. If anyone has any questions, just shout!

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  2. Chris

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    Thomas, TimeLapseTV would love to add your LapseLondon and other "Lapse Event" videos to our channel when we launch later this year. It's simply more branded exposure for your enterprise. What say?
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