Triggertrap event London - 6th December 2014


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Join Nicholas Goodden and Chad Gordon Higgins in creating an ambitious crowdsourced timelapse of London

Do you live in or near London and love timelapse photography? Triggertrap are inviting you to their London headquarters to take part in the biggest and most ambitious timelapse of London ever attempted!

On 6th December, you (yes, you) can join Triggertrap, along with expert London street photographer Nicholas Goodden and pro motion timelapse photographer Chad Gordon Higgins, in creating a crowdsourced timelapse movie, showing off all the sites and wonders London has to offer. Nicholas, Chad and Triggertrap’s very own timelapse experts will be throwing more photography and videography tips at you than you’ll be able to shake a lens cap at – and the best part is it’s absolutely free to join in! Grab your tripod and your travelcard and join us in King’s Cross for a chance to work with photographers of all backgrounds and get involved in this fantastic photography day of fun.

If you're in London, it looks like a real nice event to attend!
I'll be there, so if you're coming too, let me know and we can meet!

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