To Sharpen or NOT to Sharpen?


New time-lapser
When mastering my time lapse video sequences I think they always look best with a subtle amount of sharpening which I apply in After effects. That is, until I view the video on my 1080p TV.

Older HD Tv's (by old I mean 7 yrs) tend to have built in colour saturation and sharpening which can make my mastering tweaks look pretty nasty. So, what looks awesome on a 24" computer screen can look like trash on a common flat screen TV.

Can anyone advise on the industry best practice when mastering a final output video file of a time lapse? Is it the done thing the have a few different masters for different formats such as broadcast, Bluray etc?

Thanks in advance.


TLN Community Manager
Staff member
I always export the best possible for youtube or vimeo HD but it really depends the odeon you want to reach. I would ne er do bluray unless you intend to write an actual disk. If it's great on a flat screen then it will be fine almost everywhere. (Excluding cinemas or other non common channels)

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