Timelapse Showfest 2014: submit your work now!


New time-lapser
Hi folks!

There is already open the call for the third edition of "Timelapse Showfest!". You have five months to submit your work :)

You can discover all information here: http://www.timelapses.es/timelapseshowfest/?page_id=71

This year we have a Special Prize of 1000€ for the FIRST Winner of the Festival. And more to be announced!

We will make an online contest called "My first Timelapse" that will see the three finalists her little great work on the big screen, too.

The Festival will be held in November, Sunday morning, and with a GIANT screen of 300 square meters XXXL size!

There will be more news that we will gradually dropping.Here we go!

PS: Share this info with your contacts and networks, thanks!


TLN Community Manager
Staff member
Thanks for sharing this nice event with us! I've been following the other editions and would really love to be able to participate at some point!!

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