Timelapse on iPhone X with Procam

Yesterday I've past the day filming in Paris my new neighbourhood. Beaugrenelle, is close by the Eiffel Tower. The weather was perfect.
I had some trouble to edit some of my shortest footages. I've tell it to the Procam support team. I had some dead frames at the beginning of each.
Hope you will enjoy my vidéo :)


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hey glitch
thanks for sharing it

Honestly, I found it pretty nice knowing that it was shot on iPhone, but the "walking lapse" made me quite sick... too much to handle for my dumb brain :)

The rest of the urban daylight sequences are overall good

the ending sequence, from the same POV for over a minute... that was quite too long :)

thanks again, hope this helps
Hey ! Thanks for your feedback, you are right for the one minute sequence on the Eiffel tower but I don't know how to do better with only one iPhone and without losing the continuity :), let me know please, I'm here to learn


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Well, to be honest I would have simply cut the video 50'' before :) and avoided also that thumb (what's the purpose of that? I know... "give me a like" but... that ruins the overall nice composition, know what I mean?)


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