Timelapse Image Sequence with Static Foreground

Nazmus Sakib

New time-lapser
Hi All.

I have a Timelapse raw image sequence of around 100 picture where one picture I took for specially for foreground (with flash and low ISO for less noise).

In my regular Timelapse image the foreground not much clear. So now I like to replace all the rest image's foreground with the bright foreground selected picture. I can select the specific bright foreground area using Photoshop (quick selection option) and now like to place that into the other rest images foreground position.

I know, in the final Timelapse video the foreground will not be dynamic as I like to use a static foreground.

Can anyone advise whats the best way to replace the foreground for all the images using PS?

Thanks in advance.


Ahmed Adly

New time-lapser
i think you have 2 options here:
1- Export the static foreground as transparent PNG then add it as static layer in front of your time-lapse layer in After Effects, this is not recommended as any shake in the footage would display the underlaying foreground borders.
2- Create an Action in photoshop to copy the static foreground to all frames in same position, i used this technique in a similar situation in this video to remove some people in front of the typography art and worked fine:

Please let me know if this helps!

Aaron Priest

Active time-lapser
I have done this both with After Effects and Premiere Pro. In Premiere Pro I simply added a mask with the static image as another layer since I shot the timelapse footage from a tripod and the foreground element wasn't moving. On another sequence that was moving on a slider, I had to use Mocha Effects in After Effects to track and stabilize the second layer so it was pretty seamless to all but the most observant eye. That's assuming you are using Adobe products like Creative Cloud. If you have to do everything as individual frames in Photoshop, you'd have to record an action and batch it to the rest of the images, but that would only work if the camera was in a fixed position.

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