Mattia Bicchi

I can definitely say that 2017 and 2018 have been one of the most exciting years of my Timelapse career and of my life! During these two years, my wife and I travelled to 20 countries and visited 18 cities between Europe, South America and the US, creating lots of content for stock imagery and job commissions. Most of the Timelapse and Hyperlapse were shot in 8K using the Sony A7rII and the cinematic movement made with the Dynamic Perception Stage One and R.



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Grande Mattia, your works are fantastic - just as your travels I bet!


Would love to feature this on both Time Lapse Network and Time Lapse Italia.

If you're happy with it, please submit its details thoroughly at:

and wait for my confirmation here!

Thank you so much for doing so,

PS: Should the form hang forever, it's 99% sure I got everything actually so please do not submit it 10's times :)

Mattia Bicchi

Thank you Marco!

eheh yes, sorry if I submit more than once, I wasn't sure it worked the first time!

I will submit this one for sure! :)

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