Timelapse Helper for Android


New time-lapser
Just published my new Android timelapse app.
Timelapse Helper was developed out of the practice for photographers with a focus on time-lapse photography. The app offers useful features also for non timelapse photographers.
In addition to the calculations for motion sequences such as the calculations of image number, data volumes, interval, clip length, recording time and slider steps, the app has the option to save slider settings. This has been especially developed for the MX2 controller, but can also be used for other devices.
You can check it out for FREE!
During the implementation there are no restrictions in the Lite version.
I am pleased with feedback and suggestions.


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Ciao Don Camillo,
this seems promising for Android device owners... but my doubt is: screenshots are in German, isn't there an ENG language available too?


New time-lapser
Yes there is an english version but I made a mistake. The default language for the PlayStore description was set to German. Now he should show the english screenshots also to non US english users. Thanks for pointing this out ...

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