Timelapse Grand Teton Photography Workshop with Total Solar Eclipse

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    Timelapse: Grand Teton is a very special workshop that combines the stunning and majestic scenery of the Grand Tetons with the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in over 30 years, and the last one in this part of the country in our lifetime.

    If the breathtaking Grand Teton scenery isn't enough, you'll also be learning how to take control of your camera to create professional quality timelapses. You'll learn how to create professional quality timelapses using your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, an intervalometer, LRTimelapse, and Adobe CC. We'll also explore motion control gear and you're encouraged to bring your multi-axis rig to the workshop.

    Total Sola
    r Eclipse and New Moon
    In order to have a total solar eclipse it also has to be a new moon. This will indeed be a very event and you'll have the opportunity to capture breathtaking photographs and timelapses day and night, while also capturing the total solar eclipse with incredible landscapes as your foreground. Wyoming provides this for us this year!!!! The dates of the workshop are August 18-24th with the path of totality for the solar eclipse passing over head on August 21st at around 11:35 a.m. This is the first total solar eclipse to be seen in the continental U.S. in 38 years. You'll have to wait until 2060 to see another one in this part of the country.

    Come celebrate our 5th anniversary with us.

    Early Registration Ends April 30th

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