Timelapse:Death Valley Advanced 3-Day and 4-Day Workshops in October


Timelapse: Death Valley Workshops

Join Timelapse Specialist Ron Risman in Death Valley, CA home to Death Valley National Park the largest national park in the lower 48 states and home to spectacular scenery including salt flats, sand dunes, badlands, valleys, mountains and cayons, and a nearby Ghost town which is amazing for night-sky timelapse.
Our 3-Day Death Valley workshop runs from September 30th - October 3, 2015 and includes 3 full days which includes classroom sessions on timelapse why and how as well as post processing workflow using Adobe products and LRTimelapse. It also includes 3 full nights of shooting under the incredibly dark skies of Death Valley.

Our 4-Day Death Valley workshop runs from October 3-6th, 2015 and includes 4 full days which includes classroom sessions on timelapse and advanced motion control as well as post processing workflow using Adobe products and LRTimelapse. It also includes 4 full nights of shooting under the incredibly dark skies of Death Valley, 2 nights with multi-axis rigs from Dynamic Perception, eMotimo - or bring your own gear.

Timelapse: Death Valley is an intimate timelapse photography workshop that combines daily classroom instruction with a ton of on-location shooting and learning. This exclusive workshop focuses on teaching you the skills needed to capture day and night timelapse - with a focus on the night sky in motion! The workshop is open to photographers and cinematographers of all skill levels. The workshop is led by timelapse specialist and award-winning cinematographer Ron Risman. Ron is also the editor of Cameratown.com, a popualr photography resource since 2004.

Why Death Valley National Park?
This national park is not only known for having the second-lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (282 feet below sea level at Badwater Basin), the hottest recorded temperature of 134 degrees set back on July 10, 1913 - but it's also home to some of the most spectacular scenery for photographers and astro photographers. Locations such as Badlands, Eureka Sand Dunes, Mosaic Canyon, Zabriskie Point, Golden Canyon, and Racetrack Playa are just a few of the amazing locations that are unlike any other place on ear

I chose this location due to the dry climate, amazing landscapes, and extremely dark skies. Average temperatures in early October range from 95 during the day (will be in air conditioned class) to a perfect 75 degrees at night. I chose the month of October because of the early sunsets and immediate view of the Milky Way once night fall sets in.

What you’ll learn during the Timelapse Moab Workshop:
  • How to use an intervalometer
  • How to find focus and composition in the dark
  • How to determine the best camera settings
  • Advanced bulb and exposure ramping techniques
  • How to alter the overall feel and pacing of your timelapses
  • How to creatively light the foreground to enhance your astroscapes
  • How and why to use filters when capturing a timelapse
  • How to create star trail timelapses
  • JPEG & RAW post- production workflows
  • Step by Step processing of images using Lightroom, LRTimelapse & more
  • How to save time-lapses gone bad
4-Day Workshop adds:
  • Learn how to use motion control dollies and pan & tilt heads
  • I'll have gear on hand from Dynamic Perception, Timelapse+, eMotimo, and more
  • Finding, Licensing, and using creative common's music
  • Putting it all together in post
Use the Coupon Code "TLN100" to save an extra $100 on registration - and until July 15th, 2015 you can take advantage of a $200 early bird discount - for a total savings of $300. There are currently only 4 spots open for the 3-day workshop and space for the 4-day workshop is very limited.

Get more information at: http://www.TimelapseDeathValley.com

About Ron Risman
I've been following the TLN forums here for a short while and like you was hooked on timelapse starting back in 2008 - thanks to Tom Lowe and Philip Bloom. I have been shooting timelapse ever since with a focus on day-to-night and astro lapses. In the 7 years of shooting I have used motion control gear from DitoGear, Kessler, Dynamic Perception, eMotimo, Syrp, Timelapse+, Ramper Pro, and a few others. Over the past few years I have captured timelapses for Land Rover, Rev'it! Motorsports International, Scorpion Helmets, Restoration Hardware, Liberty Mutual, and have licensed timelapses for TV and Film including the HBO Film "The Crash Reel".

In 2013 I decided it was time to get away from the computer screen as much as possible and to get back out to the places that inspire me to shoot, and to help others learn the ropes in a very short amount of time. I launched TimelapseWorkshops.com that year to create a timelapse learning experience that combines three important elements: Theory, Practice, and Adventure. When you attend one of my workshops you'll learn the do's and don'ts of timelapse and will then get a chance to put all of the do's into action each evening. The workshop incorporates 3-4 hours of class time each day and about 8 hours of on-location shooting each afternoon and evening.

There is nothing in any workshop that cannot be learned on your own - by watching online tutorials, reading forums, and getting out there and putting it into practice. This is how I learned - and while it's a rewarding experience it is also very time consuming. If you would like to shave months or years off of this learning curve, while getting to learn the latest shooting and post-production techniques, and learning how and when to use the latest motion control gear and advanced remote controllers - please consider attending one of our workshops. You'll get very little sleep, yet you'll feel energized. The workshop locations are designed to excite, inspire, and to accelerate the learning process - with classroom instruction and a ton of on-location shooting.

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