The Peak District


New time-lapser
Hey guys, here is a selection of some of my favourite locations in the Peak District. Constructive criticism welcome. Maybe the clips are too long?? Poor choice of music?? All shot with canon 5dsr, Dynamic Perception stage R and stage one, and Lee filters 0.9 soft grad. Ramped with qdslrdashboard, processed with lrtimelapse and lightroom. Thanks for looking, Rob



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I believe the overall quality is already pretty good.
Some tiny errors could have been avoided, and honestly yes - a shorter cut could have been cool for a featured clip on TLN and TLI!

Basically, timelapse sequences are more than good..
Did you find any useful input at my latest guide on the mistakes to avoid? Some of them could apply

Bravo, I believe you're already great and on the road to success!
Please let me know your thoughts


New time-lapser
Ah cool, yeah I have been reading it, going to defo try out longer exposures and cut down the clip lengths. Might have a go at reworking the video. Thanks Marco. You got any advice on where to buy music from??

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