Tarvisiano, Hidden Treasure

Bruno Pisani

New time-lapser
I'm extremely happy to release my new timelapse film, "Tarvisiano, Hidden Treasure"!

Over 25k shots, more than 50 sequences, almost 1TB of Raw Files. More than 10000m D+, 12 nights in the mountains, in bivouaks and tents, carrying a 20kg rucksack and my Shootools Slider! More than 100 hours of post production...

This is my second video about Tarvisiano, the amazing mountain region where I grew up. It's a land which encloses amazing and hidden treasures...

If you liked the film, please share! www.brunopisani.it



Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
an amazing project, a great video, a fantastic Italian treasure!
I'll be happy to feature it on TLN and TLI home page - congratulations Bruno!

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