Still flickering problem, although LRTimelapse workflow applied


Hi there!
I did several timelapses this month and there are some that has some flicker.
I did the classical LRTimelapse workflow but it didn't solve the flicker problem...
Here is the result after LRTimelapse workflow.
As you can see, the whole image flicker excepted the sky!
How can I fix this problem?
Thanks in advance!
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Hi Markus!
Thanks for your interest!
I used LRTimelapse 3 for this one (don't remember the exact version) but I now upload to the 4th!
I import the Raw in LRT then in LR then back in LRT and then again in LR to export the RAW in JPGS
I finally assemble those JPGs into QuickTime Pro and export a ProRes in 4K. (I uploaded a compressed version on Youtube to speed up the upload => H264 1080p)
What do you recommend?
What may I change?

Aaron Priest

Active time-lapser
Some edits in Lightroom are not applied equally between frames, clarity in particular if it's cranked up too high. It introduces a severe amount of flicker. You can save a snapshot of your current edits in LRT, reinitialize a column at a time to remove that edit (try clarity first), and see if one of them is introducing flicker.


The Lightroom 2012 process version sometimes introduce flicker to timelapse sequences.
I've eliminated the problems with flicker by changing to the 2010 process when editing timelapse in Lightroom.
The downside is, that the 2012 is a more powerful editing tool than the 2010, but the flicker just drives me crazy and the 2010 is 100% flicker free (when using lens twist method of course).

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