Sony A7s ii resets to some default exposure while doing time-lapse

dan freshman

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I shoot a fair amount of timelapses with this camera and have had a weird issue. It may be a camera issue
but perhaps other have seen this.

After a tinelapse is running for a while, the camera resets to some default exposure. I lose whatever my iso, shutter, and iris settings I had and some seemingly arbitrary values show up ruining my timelapse. This is the 2nd intervolemeter that this problem has occurred on the same camera so I believe its the camera itself. This happens even when the shutter Is way way less than the interval so it's not a write speed issue as far as I can tell. Anyone experienced this?


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As a Canon owner I didn't but actually, I've never even heard about it

Let's see if someone did sharing this on TLN social...


Never heard anything like that. I'm a Canon user too, but considering Sonys in the future.
So Id like to follow along on this thread.
I hope someone has a solution to this.


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From Facebook, Nate says:

I've experienced this same issue since getting the camera 2 years ago. It's awful and makes the camera unreliable for jobs. I've been through numerous adapters and intervalometers but haven't been able to diagnose the problem. Here's what I've learned:

I don't notice an exposure reset when I shoot with an interval of 4 seconds or longer.

3 Second intervals are doable for me but only when triggering the camera via the Kessler Second Shooter remote.

I've heard that people who shoot with all manual lenses don't have an issue with this.

It would be awesome to hear from people who have solved this problem.


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Evan says

I have had the same problem happen to me about 5 Times out of the 120 plus timelapses I’ve gotten on my a7rii. I have realized it only happens on my longer timelapses but fortunately I have been able to save a couple timelapses after noticing that the camera switched it to 5 stops under exposed. I very quickly stopped the timelapse and switched it back to normal settings and continued it. I would definitely like to know why it happens and how it can be prevented tho


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And Mattia:

same problem, after i changed 3 cameras at the end was the metabone, i am using the sigma for a year and never shut down once..

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