Sleepy Sigma Flash problem: how to avoid

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    Good Afternoon All!

    I have a problem that I am hoping someone will have a solution for.
    I am attempting time lapse photography for the first time and need to take close up night time photos. I am using a Canon EOS 70D camera, a Sigma EM-140 DG ring light flash, and the software that came with the camera for the time lapse programming.

    Problem: The flash has a 90 sec auto off function that is supposed to be disabled by having the flash in wireless mode...however after finding this to be untrue I contacted Sigma only to find that this does not work with Canon Cameras.
    Best Solution: My best solution would be to be able to take 2 photos 30 sec apart at my interval of 90 min. This would give me two photos at every without the flash(but because the camera was stimulated, the flash is now on) and one that would be within the "on" time frame for the flash and would be the photo to keep.

    I am hoping that someone has knowledge of camera shutter release software that could be programmed in this way. I would only need the software to control the timing and the shutter release as all other settings will be done manually on the camera.

    Thanks for reading and I am hoping there is a solution!
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