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Hi there!

I am Simon (22) from Belgium, Gembloux.

I am an amateur time lapser and hyper lapser and enjoy shooting in nature or just hiking! I am also a climber and "powerkiter"! By the way we launched a Belgium kite forum a few years ago with a friend and it grows incredibly fast with the time! More than 400 members actually! www.lecerfvolant.info/forum (in french!)

I really like hyper lapsing and hope to find great advices to improve them and be better and better!

I will also not hesitate a second to share my knowledge of course!

Hope to find some answers here! =)

Thanks in advance!


PS for the geeks (like me) : Panasonic Lumix GH3 + Grip + Pana 7-14mm f.4 + Pana 12-35mm f2.8 + Pana 35-100m f2.8

PS for the staff : how do you add a signature? Just try to change it in my profile but don't find how to do...
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Welcome to the forum Simon!!!
To add the signature just go at the top right where your username is, stay with the mouse on top of it and one of the menus is signature.
Let me know if it doesn't work and we'll see what we can do
Take care

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