Shootools Slider One with Motion Control Kit - VIDEO Review

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Hey Folks

We've made a review a few weeks ago and wanted to show you the Slider. We where searching for a long time wich to take cause there are a few of them on the market. In the end you always need to make a compromise but we are still happy with it.
We couldn't really find a video about the slider that really explains everything you need to know so we did it.

We know that the review is in German but we think people that are making timelapses understand anyway whats going on by just seeing the pictures.. =)

We hope you enjoy!


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further Informations on the Slider:
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Joey 1982

Thank you very much, I know this slider, it looks very solid and sturdy. but it's really pricey, I'm thinking of Konova since its price is close to my budget.

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I can understand that! I mean it's never easy to make a choice specially with camer equipment =)
I can't remember why i didn't took the kanova.... because i was checking that one aswell.
I knew that sooner or later i will earn some money with it so i was going for the shootools cause i had a better feeling with it but to be honest i never tried or did something with a kanova slider.
It's up to you =)

@marcofama: your welcome ;)

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