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Kirk Norbury

New time-lapser

Hi, my name is Kirk Norbury I'm a time-lapse photographer based in Ayrshire Scotland and I thought I'd upload my review of the Shootools slider that I've been using for the last year or so :)

In this review I'll be looking at Shootool's One Slider for timelapse and filmmaking. Shootools is an Italian company which provides professional devices for video and time-lapse photography. The products are hand made in Italy and are built with high quality materials for reliability and strength. I've been using the slider for a few months so I could put it through its paces and see how well it works out in the field. Shootools make different products for photographers but their main key product is the Kit Slider One, which is what I'll be reviewing in this article. This system is designed to move extremely smooth pans along the slider both in manual and motorised mode. As soon as I took it out of the box I could tell that this is to be used for professional use, the quality of the materials and design show the dedication going into making this product. Make sure to watch my video review at the top of the page and also my films made using the Shootools One Slider.

What's In The Kit?

•The Controller

The key part of the kit is the controller which is where the slider really comes to life! It's very easy to use with clear instructions on the controller for when either in the timelapse or slider mode. You can change the speed, drag or direction easily with just a turn of the dial making it easy to ramp up the speed at the end of a shot. In the timelapse mode you can easily put in how much the carriage moves and how long of an interval between each shot. It has also incorporated the shoot-move-shoot technology so that you don't get any blurry images while in timelapse mode. Only one cable is needed to connect the motor to the controller, it has an internal rechargeable battery which has a high operating time: up to 12 hours of shots and up to 48 hours of timelapse shots! You also get a second cable to connect from the controller to your camera, this is to be used for the timelapse mode as the controller turns into an sophisticated intervalometer. The intervalometer can be used with most cameras and you can even use it during night shots as you can see the settings on the controller perfectly in the dark.

•Adjustable Legs

You don't have to always carry a tripod with you when using the slider. The slider is ready to use thanks to its four integrated adjustable legs, which allow you to quickly place it on uneven surfaces. The legs have three different height settings so that it's easier to get the slider nice and flat on uneven surfaces.

•The Carriage

The carriage provided is engineered with polymer wheels and 8 steel bearings which make the carriage move very smoothly on the slider. Even when using large cameras and heavier lenses the slider can still move smoothly. When you first get the slider, the drive belt and motor aren't attached so you get to see how smooth the carriage moves along the slider when on its own. This what makes this slider great for filmmakers as well as timelapse photographers.

2 Motors

There are two motors supplied with the kit, one for video sliding and one for timelapse. The standard motor is the Motor 55 which can be easily used for sliding and in timelapse mode but their second motor: the 09 has been made specially for timelapse photography due to it's minimum speed, enabling you to create much longer timelapse sequences that could last days. If you look at the table below you can see the difference between them. You can easily swap between the motors by unscrewing two knobs on either side. What I love about this is that I can easily change the motor out in the field without having to use any tools.

•My Thoughts

I've been using this slider for awhile now and I've been very impressed with how it works, I've never used a slider before so at first I was concerned at how long it would take for me to get used to the controls to get the shots that I'm after. But luckily with the Shootools easy-to-use controller I was able to quickly learn how to use it and set up my shots. As soon as you take the slider out of the box you can see that it has been made to a high standard with materials built to last. I've used this slide in all conditions and it has never failed on me. The worst time was when I got caught in heavy rain while doing a shot, all my gear was covered in water but the slider kept on working perfectly. This slider is for the photographer who wants to take their timelapse photography to the next level. The shots you can create with a slider will always look better than what you can create with the camera on a static tripod. There is more feeling behind the shot when you move the camera through the shot revealing different scenes and it will give the shot more a 3D feel to it. I've really enjoyed using this slider and it has taken my timelapse photography to a whole new level and I couldn't see myself using any other slider after using this one.


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wow, this is a super post Kirk.. very thankful for your share
I'll take some time to review it ASAP... as I'm working hard on TLN 3.0, you can imagine there ain't too much free time...

take care!

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