Searching for a good Motion Control System: suggestions?


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For the first time i think i will buy a gallileo from motrr to make some experiments with motion control with my Iphone but in the future i will buy a better system.

Therefore the last days i was searching the web, because I want to get an overview about the Motion Control Systems out there. Because i want to buy such a system in the future.

I´ve seen the emotimo TB3, which is nice because it has a build in controller, which can control a third axis, and a camera. And the controller allows 3 point control, another nice feature is that the trigger of the camera can control the interval via I/O port and a hotshoe adapter. So i can use the build in intervalometer of my G6, to control the movement.

The next thing i´ve seen is the modular system from Dynamic perception, which has this ultra-cool bluetooth controller which can be programmed by an Ipad or a smartphone. Another feature is that you can add a second controller via network-cable and get additional 3 axis which can be useful to add a rotating-table or something like that. By the way i could buy it step by step. 400 $ the controller, and then 400 $ each of the axis.

And there are so much more systems. Cognisys, Konova and so on, now i´m totally confused.

The second problem is the slider, are all these motors compatible with the controllers out there ? I don´t want to buy for example a konova motor slider, and than if i put it at my DP controller, it makes boom, the motor explodes and the controller is smoking !

I would like to have a slider which i can demontate in small parts, for traveling with it, and it should be motorized or motorizable and controllable by one of the systems above. And it should be as cheap as possible.

Can someone give me some tipps, and/or tell me about some experiences.

Greets from Germany

Kohlmayr Markus

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I'm using a TB3 with a Dynamic Perception Stage One. The reason why I chose this one is, because I'm a lot of hiking with my gear. So I wanted a lightweight hardware, which is easy to use in the field!
I'm using the TB3 now since almost 4 months, and I really love it! United with the 3rd axis of the dynamic perception strage one, I got some really greast shots! Both using it with timelapse and video!

If you have any questions on the gear, I only can recommend
Matthias Uhlig is a very friendly guy, helping you out with any question you have!

Greets from Austria!


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Hi Markus,
i checked out the shop, but has nearly the complete shop out of stock, which is a shame, because they have a real good price for the dynamic perception things there.

Now i think about a digislider, because it is compatible with dynamic perceptions Stage R and its NMX Controller, further more it is compatible with the TB3. Both are options for the future.

Greets from Germany


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Yes of cause. No Problem. My Project now, is a longterm shot, which runs at least 3 or 4 Month with one shot every 30 Minutes.
Wether i make the moves now or in a month, it dosn´t matter.


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You can check also ZenSlider at

Here are a shots made last weekend


mark thorpe

For simplicity and ease of use I have the SYRP Genie along with their own Magic Carpet Slider rails, works seamless together, is a very simple product to program and use. Light and great personal client attention too.

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