Seamless Hyperlapse Flight through a Modern Art Museum [60 FPS 4K]


New time-lapser
Hi Timelapse Collegues, I am completely new to this forum and I pretty regret to not being here earlier.
Anyways, this is one of my newer projects I was luckily able to produce in summer 2018.
And finally the museum gave me the "OK" to share it on my own platforms this year.
The cool thing was, that I shot more pics than I needed, so at the end I had an average of 72 FPS here.
So logically it was worth to render and upload it with 60 FPS. Now I think, should start to work in 60 FPS. ;)

I wasn´t given plenty of time to produce it (only about 2 weeks) so I purchased a budget Zhiyun Smooth Q
for my Galaxy S7, (My better S8 broke shortly before the comission in a foldable city train seat)
So I am pretty curious if you figure out, which parts were shot with it. I used
"Lapse it pro". to expose the pictures automatically and with the full sensor size of the phone.
IMHO This is a good and ecolically entry, for starting with "gimbal hyperlapsing".

By the way.. Except for the ambientsound, the soundeffects have been made with my voice.


New time-lapser
Holy hell man... Awesome moves. And those first 10 seconds is top notch. Buttery smooth and well excecuted!
Heeey, Thank You Jonas, to read this from an acknowledged Hyperlapse Master, it is very motivational and "flattering".. Your work is always polished to an unsurpassable extend, so thank YOU for the flowers.

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