Royalty free music for time-lapse: where to download it?

Niels Tholen

Hi everybody,

In a recent time lapse i posted on YouTube I used a song from Moby. It seems YouTube does not allow this, my clip was blocked in several countries. Royalty free music could solve this problem.

Do you use royalty free music? If so, were do you download it?



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I don't use License free music, I buy the rights to use them (Licensing) . From my experiences the quality of music which is Royalty free is lower than the one you pay for. For I guess $50 (Something like €35) you can buy a license for your video on sites like If you don't have a budget, or don't want to pay for your music, then Royalty Free Music would be great.


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When I need any kind of music for videos, I'm using AudioJungle which offers nice music at very reasonable prices!
Anyone ever used it?

Karl M

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And depending on what style/genre you are after, I have a few tracks available for download on my soundcloud page:


I just added 6 tracks from a band called 'Tempertone' I used to play in for free download.

And I'm part of a collective that has just released a free-to-download compilation of 22 tracks of various electronic genres from artists from around the world. I'm pretty sure if you found something you like and asked the artist nicely they'd have no problem with you using their track.

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