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Yet another post, of Bagan, yeah I know ;) This is one I'm quite proud of, actually. My first 6 week visit to Bagan to capture the Milky Way was during the monsoon season, bad bad combination. The monsoon there is fierce. Bagan lies in the desert though, and is known as a dry zone. Capturing the Milky Way would be hard, but I hoped that at least I'd be able to capture some lightning storms over the temples.

As I talked with locals to know my chances, they all said my chance was pretty much 0, years pass with a storm. For weeks I witnessed on the radars how storms would fall apart over the region or either bend off and go passed it. At night I could see plenty of storms very far away. Then 1 night I got so lucky, right after sunset 3 storms passed right over Bagan and with my 3 cameras I was able to capture a bunch of scenes.

This movies is about that night and shows footage captured during daytime as well. Clouds appear to bring lots of rain, but they don't. It would only rain hard once every 1 or 2 weeks. The balloon scenes at the end were shot in a different season though, I returned later to capture those scenes and other nice sunrises, which you don't get at all during monsoon season.


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