Problems with the LRTimelapse Video render


New time-lapser
hey folks!

i process my pictures in Lightroom and they get exported exactly how they should be... after in the Video its more bright but pale and also less brilliant... what the hell is wrong with it? i have not any idea what i do wrong?

Thank you for your support!


Laurel Strohmeyer

I am having the same problem. The keyframes look excellent in Lightroom but not good after the fianl export to LRT. Also I am having a problem with holy grail sequences they are actually working backwards, for example: a sunset (going from Light to dark) comes out the opposite, almost as if it is overcompensating, so my time lapse final movie is going from a good exposure to blown out at the end of a sunset. I can't seem to fix it.


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
Have you tried chasing our friend Gunther and get his input?

it'd be interesting to know his point (although he's already providing amazing support over his site)..

Laurel Strohmeyer

Not yet, I've been pouring through his forums hoping to find an answer. It seems to happen only when shooting holy grail. I wanted to consult with Elijah Parker first just to make sure it's not something caused by the "VIEW" will let you know what I learn, but literally they are all processing backwards. Sunsets go from good exposure to way over blown? It's driving me nuts!

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